Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Join Us

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April 2017, this event blog will present a poem and a "springboard" into a discussion, activity, or lesson plan each day.  These poems can be used at the beginning of class to essentially say "go!" to close reading, creativity, and critical thinking. Hence the title of this blog: Go Poems. 

For the past four years, I have started class each day with a "Poem of the Day."  The routine has become part of the fabric of my teaching, as it has for many other teachers.  When I am asked about my routine, people often want to know where I find all the poems.  My hope is to revive this blog with its daily posts just prior to National Poetry Month each year so that gradually we have a diverse collection of poems and ideas for reading, discussing, and creating poetry right here on this site.

Subscribe now and join us by looking slightly to your right on the screen and entering your email address.  We go live in less than a month!

Brett Vogelsinger -- Ninth Grade English teacher, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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